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Design from a KB110 plate


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Plates are available in different thicknesses.
The emulsion thickness will give you the maximum
depth of your impression.

Steel-backed plates will give you a
slightly sharper result.

These are the plates I use myself most often

I prefer to use steel backed plates for nearly all of my work and only use the plastic ones for designs with less detail.

  • Medium Plastic Based
    Base = 0.21mm (0.01") Emulsion = 0.93mm (0.04")
    This plate is thicker and is the most useful size to have, it works well for text & patterns and all general texture plate making. It can still be washed out to a shallow depth only and be used for Keum-boo. Cut with heavy duty household scissors.
  • Medium Steel Based
    Base = 0.43mm (0.02") Emulsion = 1.07mm (0.04")
    This plate is similar in depth to the KB110 but is Steel backed. I use metal shears to cut these ones. The emulsion of this plate is a little different and gives a crisper image than the plastic backed plates do, making it especially suitable for lettering and images that need very sharp detail.

  • Thick Plastic Based
    Base = 0.25mm (0.01") Emulsion = 1.50mm (0.06")
    This is the thickest Plastic-backed plate I use, it makes a very deep impression, but it's a little harder to get PMC out of small details. This plate is very useful for Champlevé enamelling and lettering where a higher relief is required but the design is a little bolder. Plastic plates don't hold as fine a detail as the stell backed ones.
    Cut with heavy duty household scissors.

    * I also use a steelbacked variety in this thickness, it is a lot harder to cut than the thinner plates, I use a guillotine or bench shears to cut these.

Photopolymer Plate Suppliers:

Boxcar Press – great service – they will send world-wide


These are the only suppliers I have personally dealt with. There are many more online. Do a search for Photopolymer Plates to find a supplier near you.

*** Be aware to buy plates cut to the size you can handle, most of these are for large machines and too hard to handle in a small studio. I get mine cut to A4 by the supplier, then cut them up further myself to suit my projects.