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Please feel free to share these instructions with anyone, just the usual acknowledgement would be appreciated :-))
Click here to have a look at some pieces I made when I first started using this process.

My artwork: a Black & White drawing on paper - no grey allowed. Next to that, an overhead transparency printed on my computer's laser printer. This will be used on top of the Solar Plate to make the exposure.

The materials to make an exposure frame are easily found.
A piece of craft wood or masonite, some bubble wrap, a piece of window glass (this must be very clean glass,the glass out of a small photo frame would work, just tape the edges to avoid cutting your hands) and 4 large bulldog clips to hold it all together.


You can handle the light-sensitive plates in normal fluorescent light (any light but UV actually) while cutting the plates to size.

Put the bubble wrap on the masonite, smooth side up, then the solar plate, transparency and the glass on top. Hold all together with strong bulldog clips.

Exposing to UV light.

These days I use a nail dryer instead of the light shown here.

After exposure, use a brush to wash away the unexposed areas of the plate that have remained soft, to the depth required.

Here's the finished plate, all dry and ready to use!

Enamel on Silver Metal clay

See the image on the left for the final result of this Solar plate.

Enamel on PMC3 Fine Silver Clay