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Photoshop Tutorial

At the ‘Demonstration Station’ at the PMC Conference in 2006, I showed a way of making an image into a line drawing using Adobe Photoshop. There are many ways to do this in Photoshop, using filters etc. This particular technique is different because it gives me the control I want over the detail in various parts of the image.

This technique was given to me by Janee, 4 days before the conference, and she graciously gave me permission to make a tutorial for the conference. In this tutorial I am giving a brief guide on how to achieve the results you want. Basic knowledge of Photoshop would be required.

I suggest you go to: www.myJanee.com to learn these basic techniques.
When I first started learning Photoshop, Janee’s free, and user friendly tutorials, helped me enormously.

Open the image you'd like to turn into a drawing, look for good detail.

Optimize it by using Levels, Sharpening, Contrast etc.

Lock the layer, so the original image can't be ruined accidentally.

Make a copy of this image by dragging it to the new layer icon in the layers palette, this will be your working layer.


Create a 'Threshold Adjustment Layer' in the layers palette:

Click on the 'Fill/Adjustment layer' Icon at the bottom of the layer palette and select 'Threshold' from the pop-up palette.

In the pop-up window, move the slider to get a good balance of black & white, so that you have just enough detail showing in the black as well as in the white parts.
(make sure you have 'preview' ticked, to see adjustments as you are doing them)
Now take the Dodge and Burn tools, using a low Exposure setting and a large soft brush, these controls are in the Photoshop Options bar.

Apply the tools to the image layer beneath the Threshold layer, darkening areas where you want more black detail, and lightening areas where you want less black. You're looking through the Threshold adjustment layer as you
work on the photo layer beneath it.

* The 'Dodge' tool will lighten areas.
* The 'Burn' tool will darken areas.

Try it, as you play you'll get a feel of what each tool does.
Remember the keyboard shortcut for anything
you want to undo is Ctl+Z

Original Photo

Finished Drawing

This is Maceo!
He is my God daughter’s first born and I decided to make a key ring for Stacey and her Mum.

Baby photos are the hardest thing make into a drawing! Keep the lines as thin as you can. When they get too heavy the result is very harsh.

When making a plate for a face you have to flip it to mirror image,otherwise it will not 'read right' in the final product.

You do the same when you use text.

This is a brooch I wear when I'm teaching.