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Solver & Copper Handmade ring by Jane Martin @ Gold Coast Jewellery Studio Nerang



Learn How to Make Jewellery on the Gold Coast

Jewellery making is a fascinating hobby, and…. one that can easily be turned into a small business.

What kind of Jewellery do you want to Make?
Deciding what style of jewellery you want to make is your first decision, there are many types of jewellery and the techniques and set up required varies enormously.

Silversmithing & Metalwork
You might have been making bead or wire jewellery for a while and then find that you need more unique elements to make your work stand out. This could be as simple as designing your own centre piece for a necklace or bracelet.

Or you might need to learn how to solder, a skill that is required in many jewellery techniques. From handmade silver chains, to making simple rings that are so popular to sell, the ability to solder is one of the most valuable skills you can have as a jewellery artist.

Of course working with metals is not restricted to silver alone, Copper, Brass & Aluminium are inexpensive materials that look great by themselves, or even better when combined with Sterling Silver. Surface textures and etching make even the cheapest materials look great.
Titanium is another metal our students love, cheaper than silver but such fabulous colours!

My Students
It always amazes me how people from such a variety of ages and backgrounds come to learn how to make handmade jewellery, at present I have students from 24 - 72 years old! All having fun and excited by the process of learning to design and make their own jewellery.

Everybody joining our classes starts with the following 8 projects, once you go past these first projects you'll have the skills to make whatever you dream up and (with help from me) turn these dreams into reality.
The results can be amazing and this of course is the most exciting thing for the student, as well as for me, their teacher. I love how these basic skills are applied to create such a variety of beautiful work!

Check out our Gold Coast Jewellery Studio's Facebook page, I'm posting images of all the beginners, intermediate and advanced student's work there all the time.(Remember to 'Like' us while you're there:))

The First 8 Projects

These projects are designed to start you off with the essential, basic techniques, what tools to use and how to use them, and then apply these techniques and build on your skills with each new project.

Please note!
These are mandatory starting projects for all newbies, but if you are more experienced we can work around them if you wish, to get you started faster!

Gold Coast Jewellery Studio Project

1. Basic Fabrication
Starting with Sawing, Filing, Sanding & Polishing, these skills alone are enough the design a whole range of jewellery! They are the base skill for of most metalwork projects.

2. Riveting
Here we add another dimension to the pieces you can make, combining 2 layers of the same or different metals adds a whole different feel to a piece of jewellery. This is a great alternative when you want to make jewellery without any soldering and is used for any metal that can't be soldered, such as Titanium or Aluminium.

3. Textured Silver Chain
This project finally gets you started with soldering! We’ll make a beautiful textured chain, a necklace or a bracelet. Soldering wire is the easiest kind of soldering to learn and is of course also useful for soldering simple jump rings etc. for other projects.

4. Custom Clasps
Designing and making a clasp to suit your chain. It can be hard to find a commercial clasp that really suits your necklace or bracelet. Making your own clasps gives you freedom to use the same materials and custom make it to perfectly compliment the chain.

 Silver smithing &  Jewellery Classes Gold Coast
Silver Chain by Damian Berrili

5. Textured Ring
A simple ring is made using hand textured Sterling Silver. These rings might be simple, but they can be stunning, great for everyday wear or a special occasion piece. Making a basic ring band (known as a ring shank) is easy and the technique can be expanded by adding other elements to it, the possibilities are endless! After the first 8 projects are finished students often go back to the ring to make a Spinner Ring, or a set of Stacked Rings, both of which are very popular at the moment

6. Soldered Pendant
or Ring Top
Using the skills gained in the previous projects, a double layered pendant is designed, cut and then soldered to a backing piece of metal. This is a great technique when you want to combine different metals, or add interest to a simple silver design.

7. Filigree Earrings or Pendant
This project isa contemporary take on a historical technique. It is all about learning to accurately cut and fit flat wire pieces, then soldering them to make a lovely pendant, or a stunning pair of earrings.
These pieces are gorgeous on their own, but they could also be filled with resin, adding colour to the mix changes them completely! (using resin is not taught in the metalwork classes)

8. Bezel Setting a Cabochon
Semi precious stones such as Agates, Turquoise, Amber, Lapis Lazuli etc. are set in a silver rim, known as a bezel. Stones add colour and texture and can give your jewellery a whole new direction. We’ll be making a simple pendant to start with, but this technique can also be combined with project 5 and soldered to the top of the ring you made.

Student’s work is very different from each other, some people like simple pieces, others make much more complicated work. This is why the projects are done in the order given.
But they do not have to be completed in the first 8 weeks, more complex, or larger pieces will take a little longer and just carry forward into your next 8 week block. Rushing through the projects does not do your work, or your skills any good!

About the Studio
We are located in Nerang (Queensland) and my air-conditioned studio is in the back of a cabinetmaker's factory.
Class sizes are very small, 5 max. this ensures attention to each student’s needs in a fun and informal environment. Each group has it’s own ‘vibe’ and this has allowed people to make new friendships over the years, it’s just nice to connect with people that like the same thing you do!

Cost for my classes is $360.00 for a 8 week block, renewable every 4 weeks for $180.00
* Please note this does not include tools or materials *
There are some tools to share at the studio and you may choose to work with less expensive materials such as Copper or Aluminium for some of the projects, which looks great but keeps the cost down.

Email Maggie to book for this course

Missed Classes
Classes are pre-paid in blocks of 8 (or 4 for the follow up classes see workshops page)
A record is kept of any missed classes and they can be made up as long as you are a current student and there’s a space available in another group.
Please note:
Missed classes are not added to the end of an 4 week block.