PMC & Plexiglass pendant

 PMC & Plexiglas Pendant



One on One Jewellery Classes
~ just for you alone ~

Things have changed since the beginning of 2013, I now only have a few specialty Metal Clay workshop here at the studio. The Gold Coast is not the best place for PMC group classes it seems!

So in January I made the decision to offer only 1-1 classes, and this has been very successful, it works for the students as well as for myself. Because of the fact that students get more input into what they want to learn (within their experience of course) they can do things that would not be possible in a group workshop.

Private Metal clay workshop - Gold Coast

Fingerprint & Keepsake Jewellery Certification courses

Lauren & Naomi of Em & Eve came together and learned all about making Fingerprint Jewellery and stamping on metal, these girls are going from strength to strength! Check out their wonderful collection!

See details for my Fingerprint Jewellery Certification Courses

It also works really well for me, I get more variety in the things I teach! I've had people wanting to learn about Basic Metal clay techniques -Stone setting in metal clay - Enamelling on PMC - Designing and creating a new jewellery collection from scratch (I loved that class, it was such a lot of fun for 2 days!)

Metal clay workshop Gold Coast The best thing about a 1-1 workshop is that the program can be tailored to what you most want to learn! Like Marit did, she was on a trip in Australia, all the way from Norway!

I love how people come away from their workshop with a whole new skillset, whether it is for a new hobby, or they might be thinking about starting to teach, or to set up their own jewellery business from home. A fresh start is always so exciting and it opens new doors which can change someone's life forever! I love being a small part of that!

Workshop Details:

The workshop is from 10 am - 3.30 pm with half an hour for lunch. I keep Mondays, Fridays & Saturdays free for 1-1 bookings.

The cost for the tuition is $350.00 plus materials (depending on the projects)


If you are flying in for a workshop you might want to check out my accomodation page for hotels near the studio

A little bit about myself.......

I started with Metal clay after developing RSI from making lampwork beads, it was a coincidence that the very first Artclay Silver workshop for Senior instructors was being held only a month after I decided to learn all I could about working with this very new material. As a result I was one of the first ACS Senior Teachers in Australia.

12 Months later PMC finally came to Australia and I became the first PMC Senior Teacher. I love working with PMC and it quickly became my full-time job, in the first 18 months I travelled all over Australia and New Zealand introducing people to this brilliant new medium! It was such an exciting time, Metal Clay is like magic, alchemy almost, now nearly 13 years later I am still amazed at the complex work possible with so few tools or equipment!

In 2006 I was invited to join a group of 15 International Metal Clay Artists to help testing and fine-tuning the projects for the Metal Clay Masters Registry.
This was an intense period of work and testing things, new designs and pushing the boundaries of what I had thought was possible, developing new techniques to extend my designs even further.

metal clay classes on the Gold Coast

Photopolymer plates (or PPPs as they became known) featured strongly in my designs, it was a technique I learned many years previously as a Printmaker, in etching and block printing. I redesigned the process to suit metalclay, giving me the strong, clean lines I wanted for my enamel work. Metalclay is effortless for 'Organic' looks, but up until then it was a struggle to get thise fine straight lines I wanted for Champlevé enamelling.
I was honoured to be one if the presenters at the 2006 PMC conference showing people how to make, and the endless possibilities of using PPPs in their own work.

These days I teach silver jewellery classes during the week, I have a loyal band of students who come back every week to learn the basics of metal work, enamelling, etching and more. I love teaching these ongoing classes and seeing people develop and getting great results as they become more confident! See their work on our Gold Coast Studio Facebook Page

I keep my weekends free for my private classes, Friday & Saturday mainly, but sometimes Sundays as well.
I've had people from all over Australia, as well as students who flew in from New Zealand, PNG and even from Japan! I love hearing about how things work in other places!

Here's a list of some of the things I've done with people over the past 12 months:

PMC Basic Skills
PMC Intermediate Skills

Introduction to Glass Fusing
Introduction to Enamelling on PMC
Intermediate Enamelling on PMC
Advanced Enamelling on PMC
PMC & Resin Inlay
PMC & Plexiglass
PMC Botanicals - Leaves & Twigs
PMC Rings - Beginners to Advanced
PMC Clasps Toggles & Cones for Necklaces
Photopolymer plates, Gold Foil work (Keum-Boo) pendant
PMC Sheet clay
Water etching PMC & Coloured Pencil
Sheetclay Bezel setting a Stone (Kahn Bezel)

Etching & Doming
Sterling Silver Ring
Titanium & Silver & Riveting
Tab Setting
Textured Chain
Pierced Pendant & Earrings
Fold Forming
Rollerprinting - Fusing & Reticulation
Enamelling on Copper
Enamelling on Sterling Silver



What is PMC?
Precious Metal Clay® is a revolutionary new jewellery material.
You can shape it like you would normal clay, but when it's fired with a torch or in a kiln, your object is transformed into 99% pure silver!

Anyone can use PMC, it can be shaped like clay while it is wet, you can add to it, sand and file it when it's dry. After firing you can still work it like regular silver. Because everything can be added before firing, there is no need for soldering and simple, inexpensive tools are used throughout the process.