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PMC & Plexiglass pendant

 PMC & Plexiglas Pendant


1 Day Aluminium Etching Workshop

Aluminium Etching & Colouring workshop at Gold Coast Jewellery Studio Nerang Queensland

A 1 day Jewellery making workshop for all levels, no previous experience necessary.

Etching Aluminium is the safest etching method I know of. very easily done at home, uses easily found materials and the results are stunning. Check out this class at the Workshops Page

Thinking of flying in for a workshop? Check out my Accommodation page for hotels near the studio.

Metalwork Classes at my Nerang Studio

8 week Beginners Silver Jewellery Classes
New enrollments for January 2015 are taken at the moment. Check the workshops page for vacancies or Email me to check available places

Metal Clay & Fingerprint Jewellery
1-1 workshops

available by appointment Fridays & Saturdays

Fingerprint jewellery is taking the world by storm.... so I decided to write a book about it!

Find out more here:
How to Make Fingerprint Jewelry

Hi, my name is Maggie Bergman. I am a jewellery artist, working in PMC & traditional silver jewellery.

Silver Jewellery Classes
I teach silver jewellery classes at my studio in Nerang, on the northern end of the Gold Coast.

When Artclay Silver first came to Australia I was one of the first group of people to get certified as a teacher of this very exciting material.
My background in pottery & traditional silver jewellery classes, really made me appreciate the fantastic possibilities of PMC.

The speed of making a piece of 3D jewellery really appealed to me. I love to dream up a design and make it quickly before life interferes.

I like to mix other materials in my jewellery, combining PMC with sterling silver, copper, titanium, glass, plastics & resin.... the list goes on and the possibilities are endless!

In January 2007 I was invited to become an advisor to the Masters Registry. This is the most stimulating program I have ever been involved with. It resulted in exciting new directions for my work. In 2008 I attained my Reg. level I, one of the first 3 people in the world.

I am working toward the Masters Reg. Level II now, it is a very exciting program and I am enjoying the challenge.

For the last 6 years I have been passing on my skills, both in PMC & metalwork, to my students in Queensland & Victoria. The classes are project based and cater for beginners, taking them up to Intermediate and Advanced skill levels.

For a list of current workshops offered see the workshop page for all my classes. They are now held at Nerang, on the Northern end of the Gold Coast

"A fantastic and informative class! Two days were not long enough. My imagination is running riot."

- Judith Malings participant in workshop Montville Qld

Montville workshop 2005
Montville Qld. 2005

What is PMC?
Precious Metal Clay® is a revolutionary new jewellery material.
You can shape it like you would normal clay, but when it's fired with a torch or in a kiln, your object is transformed into 99% pure silver!

Anyone can use PMC, it can be shaped like clay while it is wet, you can add to it, sand and file it when it's dry. After firing you can still work it like regular silver. Because everything can be added before firing, there is no need for soldering and simple, inexpensive tools are used throughout the process.